Reusable Bamboo Menstrual Pads

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As women, we have special needs for items that make our time of the month as comfortable and stress-free as possible. However, the waste produced by women around the world is so substantial, that something must be done. These reusable Bamboo pads have three layers of fast-absorbing bamboo, and wings to keep them in place. Easily washed and reused, they're perfect for saving you on that time of the month, and saving the planet, little by little.

Material: Bamboo charcoal

Top Layer: Bamboo charcoal fiber

Absorbent Layer: microfiber layer

Backing layer: Waterproof printed PUL

Each Package Include: 10pcs panty liner

Panty liner size: 18.5*20.5 Cm

Used for: Daily use

each set colors: mixed color (sent at random)

Feature: reusable & waterproof