Insulated Reusable Paper Lunch Bag

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Remember those good old days when mom used to pack lunch for you and place them in those brown paper bags? Well, those paper bags just got an upgrade! Relive those cherished childhood memories with a twist with this reusable thermal lunch bag, keeping your packed lunches fresh and appear as though you cooked it 5 minutes ago. So go ahead and enjoy your meal and pat yourself on the back, you did nature some good once again.

Type: Storage Bags
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Shape: Square
Form: Three-dimensional Type
Material:: DuPont Paper + 3mm PE foam, Aluminium Film
Size:: about length 20cm*width 11cm*25cm/6L / 7.87*4.33*9.84/6L
Weight:: about 0.04kg
Type: Lunch Bag
feature: Insulated Thermal Lunch Bag

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